Stop Secret Contracts!

Every day, governments around the world — including yours — spend more than $26 billion of public money through contracts with private corporations.
Public contracts should be open contracts!

Our Goal is to:

  • Open public contracts around the world by filing freedom of information requests and petitioning governments for access to specific contracts. We want to force reactive disclosure as well as advocate for proactive disclosure of public contracts in the future and we will support any effort to do either.
  • Establish a new global norm for contract disclosure by petitioning governments to endorse the Open Contracting Global Principles and ensuring that they are effectively implemented and enforced.
  • Expand the open contracting community by connecting campaigners and practitioners, facilitating the sharing of experience and best practice and amplifying our shared message.


Secret contracting keeps the public in the dark, reduces efficiency and favours a culture of corruption and impunity. This has to stop.

  • Citizens have a right to know how public money is spent. In order to correct for information asymmetries and improve trust in government, citizens must have access to relevant information about awarding, execution and performance of contracts.
  • Open contracting improves the performance of contracts by allowing citizens to monitor their execution to ensure that private corporations deliver projects on time, on budget and to a high quality standard.
  • Open contracting allows citizens to participate and engage in decision making around public procurement and investment priorities to ensure that public contracting serves the public rather than special interests.

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